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The Saga Begins

Well, on Christmas Night I done and et my first Durian since comingĀ  to Hawaii. See, they’re three bucks a pound here (compare with one dollar per — Thai, frozen — in Seattle’s Little Saigon district), which is decidedly out … Continue reading

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A Collapse Primer In Recent Podcasts

Going off-topic for a bit here, as there’ve been some quite informative and interesting podcasts of late with regards to the ongoing collapse of Industrial Civilisation. For the scientific background, we’ve got Charles Hall in episodes #234 and #235 of … Continue reading

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Here’s My Hymn To You All

Merry Xmas, one and all! I’ve actually got two presents for you on this fine morning. Firstly, my favourite album of holiday songs (as opposed to Christmas Carols): Strange Communion, by Thea Gilmore. I highly recommend all of Thea’s work, … Continue reading

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Stolden Money

(Dateline: November 16, 2010) Found this taped to a walk-signal activator in downtown Hilo. Don’t know, to be honest, which side is the front (nor, for that matter, which is the back). Showed it to one of my co-farmers, who … Continue reading

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The Circle Of Life II

She was supposed to have been a Christmas baby, but she didn’t even wait ’til the Solstice. Nah, the newest addition to the farm popped out on the fourteenth day of December. That’s grandma Suzy, whom we milk twice daily, … Continue reading

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