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…When You Mess With Us

Yes, it’s true: thanks to our outside-his-mind Jamaican orator, I’ve had Radiohead running through my brain for a second consecutive day. As promised, I determined to make a second assault upon the Tribal Museum — even if it meant the … Continue reading

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This Is What You Get…

Day began at 8:30 in the AM with a Rastafarian dude who’s been here a few days bursting into the dorm with a bout of drunken ranting. Couldn’t quite make out his grievances (something to do with Social Security), but … Continue reading

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Spreading The Disease

Yes, I did visit many temples on Saturday. Of course, there are so many more that I did not get ’round to. They’re pretty much everywhere. I think I have now contracted an acute case of Templemania (only known cure: … Continue reading

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Finland Has It All

So the Pythons once sang. But, does Finland have… …? Ha! Ha! Stupid Finnish gits have… …in their goddam dreams. If they’re lucky. You see, ever since I’d arrived in Bangkok… Oh, an aside: you know that old joke where … Continue reading

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I’m Off The Night-Train

Well, Dorothy, we’re not in Bangkok anymore: there was a rooster crowing here just a bit ago — at night-time, too! The train passage from Bangkok began as a fit-throwing hellride, as noxious fumes were entering the cabin; but if … Continue reading

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