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Durian Shop Landak

[dc]O[/dc]kay, here’s my fucking fantasy. I would join up (or start up?) the Asian division of the ELF, and we would just obliterate every last motherfucking motorcycle on the entire landmass. Just fucking annihilating them, man. Just fucking…no prisoners, know … Continue reading

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“Eat Durian As Much As You Can”

[dc]Y[/dc]esterday morning, Monday, (almost literally) bumped into Lindsay, co-conspirator with her partner Rob of the second-greatest blog on the entire triple-dub: Year Of The Durian. (Sorry guys, Shorpy will always be #1…) They’re just on their way out of town, … Continue reading

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Can You Spell “BUDGET CRISIS”?

Train from Bangkok to Hat Yai was scary easy. Instead of equal-width booths with an aisle running the centre of the coach; one side’s are wider than the other’s, and the aisle is off-centred. So, it was possible to really … Continue reading

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In These Last Days

Ack! I’ve got the De Talak madness. Each and every night, a whole other different slew of fascinatingly super-entertainingly friendly peeps keeping me up ‘til the very wee hours. I love this city and this hostel so very much – … Continue reading

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“They’re Against OTAN?”

Have returned to De Talak, of course. Only a single familiar face here: this one shopping-addicted Korean girl. She never returns my ever-friendly greetings (it’s become something of an interesting challenge by this point); but is always here when I arrive. … Continue reading

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