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Covid-19 and Germ Theory Study Guide

Last Updated: September 12, 2022 “What disturbs me the most in this is the fact that the individual is only a means to an end — and that the end is profit, not health.” — Dr. Patrick Quanten • “When … Continue reading

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Taiwan (And Hong Kong) Unbound: Adventures In Chinesia

Here we go, Taiwan/Hong Kong digest.  Like per usual, hyperlinks point to the relevant timeline post, with lots more pics.  Like not per usual, full-res photos haven’t been despatched to Flickr, on account of the latter jacked up their prices, … Continue reading

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Philippines/Sabah/Hong Kong Digest (Now With Bonus Korea Content!)

Flickr jacked up the price of its pro accounts, and the limit for non-pro accounts is a measly 1,000 pictures! So, all my Flickr pics will apparently soon be trashed — but, at least for the moment, the Philippines, Sabah, … Continue reading

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Limited Zakka (Taiwan Digest)

(All Taiwan photos online at the olde Flickr page.) August 9: Here at the scene of my favourite movie of the young millennium — Edward Yang’s Yi Yi — but don’t recognise any of the film’s locations. I do suddenly … Continue reading

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Keralan Kapers

From where I’m sitting, northern India is about ten million times more interesting, entertaining, mind-blowing, and electrifying than is Kerala. There’s just nothing to match the all-out cultural and sensorial onslaught of the north, and certainly none of the larger-than-life/beggar-the-imagination … Continue reading

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