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Remain In Shade

Thursday, Day 5 at Angkor, a journey to the “Rolous Group” of three temples set apart from the main core. These ones are located about ten miles east of Siem Reap, whereas the main Park is about five miles north. … Continue reading

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Dancing On The Ruins Of Old Angkorian Civilisations

What a great day! (Yesterday, Tuesday, that is.) By whatever law of coincidence which controls the fates of the Sun and all its planets, the temples visited on this day were in a notably greater state of disrepair than those … Continue reading

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We Must Do Our Alma Mater

Well, let’s see here. Saturday, two days ago, I took an extra day off to rest my injured foot. Being gloriously cloudy and breezy, it was a great day, too, to hang out in the park juggling, listening to the … Continue reading

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Pictures Telling Stories

Yesterday, Thursday, was time for the second visit to Angkor. The morning was all about trees. Specifically, at Ta Prohm – a pretty big temple in its own right; but the gawkers are on-hand to witness the spectacle that is … Continue reading

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Update: Agh! Was having trouble getting images uploaded, and FTPed into the site, began messing around, and mistakenly deleted all the pics from this post! I’ve got most of them saved locally — but with different names; and it’d be … Continue reading

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