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Farmers’ Market Follies

Old Lady with European Accent [noticing my bare feet]: What if there is broken glass? Me: I avoid it. Old Lady with European Accent: But you have to be aware of it. Me: I have eyes. Old Lady with European … Continue reading

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Watermelon Update Y’all!

And to-day, this happened. Had purchased two watermelons: one for the backpack, and one for the workout. Performing Watermelon Workout while walking down the Ave., a girl (wearing a coat on an eighty-degrees-out day — green coat, too; she wasn’t … Continue reading

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Can You Say “Off Of The Fucking Hook”?

I knew you could! And if you can say it, you can surely imagine it. Back in Seattle now, after a whirlwind final week in Montana, from which I’m still reeling. Here’s the deal. The National Folk Festival touches down … Continue reading

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Watermelon Workout Y’all!

Check this out. If you wanna get your fatass into shape (and you know you do), I’ve some totally great news. All you need to do is follow this great new workout routine. I discovered it only last month, and … Continue reading

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“If The Social Contract Is Broken, The People Must Revolt”

Very highly recommended: Max Keiser, in an absolute tour de force of an interview with KPFA’s Bonnie Faulkner, in the June 22nd edition of Guns And Butter. Keiser has got to be the most annoying host, what with all the … Continue reading

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