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Penang Digest

[dc]F[/dc]or anybody who likes to read the blog, but prefers not to follow the timeline, here’s how it went down in Penang this year. The three fortnights were dominated by the following obsessions. The text is just copied from the … Continue reading

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Kampung Krash Kourse

Though there are, at this writing, only three or four weeks left to play in this year’s Penang Durian Season, if you’re reading these words from somewhere – anywhere – in the world, it’d be worth your effort to get … Continue reading

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Project: Penang

There’s so much crack-a-lack jammed into the GTF schedule – music, theatre, film, visual arts, lectures, dance – it’s making this poor li’l white boy’s head spin attempting to get to as much of it as possible. There’s more coming, … Continue reading

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Last Rites

I scooted and slithered one final time to Bao Sheng’s, where to-day we laid the Durian Season mournfully to rest. Well, I was to find out, nobody else is marking the occasion with sorrow. To begin with, two Malay gentlemen … Continue reading

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Bao Sheng II: No Borders, No Fences, No Walls

“It is no great accomplishment to hear a voice in the head. The accomplishment is to make sure it is telling the truth.”  — Terence McKenna I am whimsically intrigued by McKenna’s notion that Mushrooms may be interstellar beings who … Continue reading

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