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Gimme That Old Thai Voodoo!

Boy, am I ever thrilled that I ended up flying out of Bangkok. I love Penang, and I like KL pretty all right. But Thailand…Thailand is just the best (as this latest, briefest visit served to yet again remind). They … Continue reading

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Penang Digest

[dc]F[/dc]or anybody who likes to read the blog, but prefers not to follow the timeline, here’s how it went down in Penang this year. The three fortnights were dominated by the following obsessions. The text is just copied from the … Continue reading

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Paradise Accost

Walking along Kampot’s riverfront promenade, one could easily get the feeling that it’s among the most beautiful locations in all of Southeast Asia – and when the afternoon breeze kicks in, so much the better. Hop up onto that little … Continue reading

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Kool Kong

One might be tempted to dismiss Koh Kong, Cambodia as simply another same-same dusty-border-town™ astride that long and lonesome trail and, when passing through, therefore hole it up inside of one’s hotel room all the day long in a bid to escape the overwhelmingly oppressive … Continue reading

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To-day I have many footage to share with you! For starters, I done another music video. To stay up-to-date, you may feel free to screen the first one, for Cloud Cult’s “When Water Comes To Life” before proceeding to this … Continue reading

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