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Egypt Digest: Sand & Sea

Here’s another digest of items originally sent to thee timeline. As before, hyperlinks point to the post in question, where one may find the full bevy of pics from which these-here have been sampled. For the pic-lookin’ enchilada entire, the … Continue reading

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Egypt Digest: The Nile Valley

A dearth of time, along with very slow Internet connections throughout Egypt have prevented me from blogging.  But here is a Nile Valley compendium from the ol’ timeline — the hyperlinks point to the specific entries in question — there’ll … Continue reading

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Take A Picture Here, Take A Souvenir

[dc]W[/dc]ell, shit-howdy, that’s kind of a bummer of a title with which to re-launch this blog, eh? Perhaps we could back up and begin with a bit of levity (in the form of an upskirt shot of a prostrated ‘n’ … Continue reading

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They’ll Stone You And Say That It’s The End

[dc]W[/dc]riting from KL, having arrived after a whirlwind final week in India. Was it really only a week ago that I was in Mumbai? Feels like ages have passed. Equally difficult to believe that it was only four months spent … Continue reading

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Castles In The Sand

I must make an effort to seek out some highly regarded Indian travelogues. Because from what I can tell, India cannot be described, it can only be experienced. Even the almighty Shantaram, whose story couldn’t possibly be more compelling, and … Continue reading

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