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You’re No-Doubt Familiar With The Ants In The Pants…

…but how about the freakin’ centipede in the pants? Well, that’s what I had yesterday, yo! Was working out in the field, having a good old time in the beautiful Hawaii sun, and felt a disturbance inside my boxer-briefs. Felt … Continue reading

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Motherfucker just plopped down out of the sky (or what), landing about two feet away from me. My hope was to get a super-duper upper-closer macro shot; but instead we’re to settle for the off-balance (me) mid-scurry (it), slightly overexposed … Continue reading

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Two Cows, A Calf, And An Egret

Huhn; wasn’t that the name of a movie?

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The Circle Of Life II

She was supposed to have been a Christmas baby, but she didn’t even wait ’til the Solstice. Nah, the newest addition to the farm popped out on the fourteenth day of December. That’s grandma Suzy, whom we milk twice daily, … Continue reading

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The Circle Of Life I

(Dateline: August 15, 2010) “Oh, woah/Centipede” opined Buckner and Garcia in “Ode To A Centipede”, “You can’t run away”. The song referred to the video-game centipede; whether the maxim translates to real-life centipedes is perhaps open to debate. But one … Continue reading

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