The Circle Of Life I

(Dateline: August 15, 2010)

“Oh, woah/Centipede” opined Buckner and Garcia in “Ode To A Centipede”, “You can’t run away”. The song referred to the video-game centipede; whether the maxim translates to real-life centipedes is perhaps open to debate. But one thing’s certain: you’ll want to run from the Hawaiian centipede, whose bite reputedly hurts as bad as does being shot by a gun.

Indeed, two (count ’em) of my co-farmers were bitten a few weeks ago. One wasn’t so bad, apparently, but the other guy says he can still feel the pain (I expect that he means emotionally more than physically — but hey, pain is pain).

But, dammit all, the sight of the mother centipede caring for her young makes one leave aside all the sturm and drung with regards to the nastiness of the bite. See here:

Now, how freakin’ adorable is that?

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