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Oops! They Did It Again

Okay, one last little photo essay – from Hampi, this time — featuring Indian peeps deliriously soliciting to have their pictures taken by me. In a new wrinkle, this batch also features a handful of shots not the work of … Continue reading

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They’ll Stone You And Say That It’s The End

[dc]W[/dc]riting from KL, having arrived after a whirlwind final week in India. Was it really only a week ago that I was in Mumbai? Feels like ages have passed. Equally difficult to believe that it was only four months spent … Continue reading

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Inshore It Spangles

Arrived via bus to Udaipur, the Lake City, in late afternoon, immediately hoofed it to the Railway Station to secure a passage to Mumbai, and then made the hour-long walk to my guest house. By the time I’d finished checking … Continue reading

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Rajasthani Rainbows

One reads so much about the beauty of the colours displayed in Indian women’s clothing, and in streetside garment and fabric shoppes. Having admired traditional Pakistani clothing during my years at the restaurant, I was inclined to believe that it … Continue reading

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Castles In The Sand

I must make an effort to seek out some highly regarded Indian travelogues. Because from what I can tell, India cannot be described, it can only be experienced. Even the almighty Shantaram, whose story couldn’t possibly be more compelling, and … Continue reading

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