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Dashain On The Brain

Return to Kathmandu, and suddenly I’m addicted to Cauliflower. Okay, no worries. Because if this clip doesn’t make you want to drop everything and come here to join me, then you may need to see a specialist. (And by “may”, … Continue reading

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Mini-Reviews For All Of Youse

Check the sell-by date — most of these are actually from Malaysia, ’cause in Thailand it’s all one can do to hold on for dear life at the overwhelming Thai-ness of it all. Not much time to dig in to … Continue reading

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Bury My Ass In Bangkok!

And why in the fuck ever leaving this place, this miracle sprung from the Thai Jungles, this Bangkok – the most journey-to-the-stars/rock-and-roll-guitars city in which I’ve ever lain my bones of a weary old tropical eve? A question I’ve asked … Continue reading

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