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The Lattice Of Coincidence

Never know, do you, just what sort of interesting juxtapositions the World’s gonna throw your way during any given moment in time? Case in point: Walking to the bus to-day, listening to Episode #46 of the Extra-Environmentalist Podcast. I think … Continue reading

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The More They Stay The Same

You know those shows where, about half-way through the openers’ set, one finds oneself thinking, “Well, I sure hope ABC Headliner has brought its A-game; else they’s gonna get laughed off the stage!” …And then ABC Headliner comes out and … Continue reading

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Matt’s Garden, Part II

I blogged about my friend Matt’s Guerilla Garden a few weeks ago. The gist of it was…well, fuck; allow me to just quote myself: To-day in the park bumped into my friend, Matt. We got to talking about the election, … Continue reading

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