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Northern Departure

[dc]R[/dc]eturned to Chiang Mai on Monday, after a most relaxing and enjoyable week-plus in Chiang Rai. As I’d slept most of the way, I had not realised, on the north-bound trip, how beautiful is the ride between Chiang Mai and … Continue reading

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Two PSAs

PSA Numero Uno The Horse’s reading of “She’ll Be Comin’ ’round The Mountain” — from its new album of Horsed-out old-time Folk tunes — is freaking awesome! Young has exhumed some lyrics I’ve certainly never heard of. “We’re gonna kill … Continue reading

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Partly-Cloudy Mountain Hop

Could I just interject with a statement; to clear up any confusion and/or uncertainty which may yet persist in re this important matter? FUCKING MOTORCYCLES ARE FUCKING ÆVIL, MAN. Okay, that off my chest, let’s continue. [dc]C[/dc]oupla fine day-trips have … Continue reading

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Will The Real Chiang Rai Please Stand Up?

[dc]A[/dc]s of Friday night, my first day in Chiang Rai, I was of the belief that I had unwittingly stumbled into an yet-undiscovered durianopolistic paradise. For, it had been on that night that I had eaten the very greatest Durian … Continue reading

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The White And The Black

Part I: Cobra-Snake For A Necktie [dc]W[/dc]oke the dimpled ass up early on Saturday, my first morning in Chiang Rai, to get a bicycle and wheel it up to the tantalisingly-monikered “Black Temple”. If one would recall my having, whilst … Continue reading

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