A Collapse Primer In Recent Podcasts

Going off-topic for a bit here, as there’ve been some quite informative and interesting podcasts of late with regards to the ongoing collapse of Industrial Civilisation.

For the scientific background, we’ve got Charles Hall in episodes #234 and #235 of the C-Realm Podcast. Hall discusses his field of Biophysical Economics. Even though one might think the matters at hand are common sense (that is, we oughtn’t expect to be able to perpetually deplete finite resources), his take is most enlightening indeed.

If you want a more nuts-and-bolts look at the specifics of peak oil, the following episode, #236, with a student of Hall’s, would be a great place to start.

Paul Ehrlich, in a truly fascinating episode of the What Now radio show, gives more background, from the non-energy sides of ecological sustainability.

Nicole Foss, AKA “Stoneleigh” from The Automatic Earth, weighs in with the financial outlook; arguing that the impending implosion of the massive debt bubble will present greater near-term impacts than will energy constraints. This isn’t a podcast, but rather a lecture and Q&A session, entitled “A Century Of Challenges”. It’s also available from the blog, for a fee, and with accompanying slideshow presentation.

Two Beers With Steve’s recent discussion with Dave Pollard looks at what families and communities can do (and are doing) to face the coming difficulties.

And back at What Now, Michael Ruppert and Suzie Gruber give us a wide-ranging conversation covering pretty much all of the above topics. Part 1 and Part 2.

Happy listening!

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