Call The Doctor

A cool cloudy day to-day, so made time to upload the full-length recording of Thee Emergency’s Solid, about which I’d raved a week or so ago.

Don’t even know what made me pull this record out — probably just looking for loud music to listen to on one or other overnight Thailand train trips. But now that I have done, I can’t stop listening to it. It’s got its hooks so far into me, that I figured I must go back and see how many notches I’d raise it up were I to rank it to-day?

Whoa, turns out it’s at #5 on my 2008 list, nestled right in between Ray LaMontagne and Elliott Brood. Yet I had somehow kinda let it slip my mind. I think that, in retrospect, I’d  rank it second, behind Devotchka; dropping Joseph Arthur to third, Balkan Fever to fourth, and Ray Lamontagne to fifth. Shit, what a great year in music that was!

Meanwhile, I pulled a major boner leaving off my best-of-decade list altogether. It certainly would now place within the top twenty-five…maybe well within.

Uh, in other words: crank it the fuck up.

Thee Emergency – Solid

  1. Call 911
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Attack Of The Cobrasaurus
  4. Hopped Up For The Git-Down
  5. “Solid” Interlude
  6. My Lament
  7. 2069 Space-Time
  8. This Guitar Says “I Love You”
  9. O Mota
  10. It’s All In The Reflexes
  11. Tom Seger And The Psychedelic Freakout
  12. California
  13. The Word
  14. Solid


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