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Well, apologies for the dearth of posting activity hereabouts, lately. Partly, it’s ’cause I’m a lazy sod. Partly, it’s ’cause I’ve been growing increasingly distraught over developments in Japan and in the Middle East. Partly, it’s ’cause I’ve been writing an essay about sustainability; and discovered right in the middle of doing so that I’d better conduct some research. Anyhow, here’s some news:

  1. We’ve been weaning the calf. This has meant that all of her mom’s milk — which had been hers, all hers — is now ours, all ours. Which has resulted in a milk/cheese/yoghurt overload! We’ve even resorted to dumping milk on the young avo trees. But now we’ve begun the process of drying out grandmama, in preparation for getting her knocked up again; so we’ll be back down to a normal quantity of dairy product.
  2. Speaking of avos, my favourite tree has begun fruiting again! And, don’t look now, but so have the white pineapples. Ah, if only they’d be ready to eat by the time I’ve got to bug out of here… Well, perhaps some pineapples will. They’re, both of ’em, cuter’n the dickens. If I think about it, I’ll get some pictures snapped.
  3. Some other great fruit-eating of late, particularly some “tastes-like” fruits. For examples: Jakfruit, which “tastes like” Juicy Fruit gum. Finally had one that does, and it rocked my world inside out. Black Sapote, which “tastes like” chocolate. Get ’em really, really ripe, and they’re really, really delish. Sapodilla, which “tastes like” brown sugar. Best of all, longans are back in season — they taste like longans, which is as good as it gets!
  4. On the chess front, I had thought, a few weeks ago, that I’d turned a corner, like, big style. Rather than my normal give-or-take one-third success rate, I had beaten Farmer John four times out of five — and the fifth was a draw. After that, I proceeded to lose a good half-dozen in succession; getting just absolutely slaughtered, too. Finally got back on the winning track a few nights ago. But now I’m just sick to the ol’ stomach over last night’s result. After getting down a horse, I devised a particularly clever (or so it seemed to me) sequence which garnered me two rooks in exchange for only one. Then, as a result of having moved my remaining rook away from the back rank to deliver, in combination with the already-waiting queen, what I thought would be the coup de grace;  come to find out that in point of fact my ass (or leastways my king’s ass) had been handed, unbeknownst to myself, to him on a platter; he struck for a lightning-quick checkmate, trapping my king behind some pawns with only a well-positioned queen. Ah, well: on to the next one!

Huhn, I guess that’s all my news for to-day.

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