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4/6/11 Update: Gerald Celente does the righteously indignant ranting better than I. Meanwhile, Michel Chossudovsky brings a truly excellent analysis of the geo-strategic underpinnings of the current events.


All right, you don’t even want to get me started on this fucking Libya bombing.

But, briefly, perhaps we¬† could ponder: if it’s appropriate for the “UN” to, for the purpose of protecting Libyan rebels from the state, impose and enforce a “No-Fly Zone”; then, would it also be appropriate to do the same over Iraq and Afghanistan to protect their respective rebels (“insurgents” and/or “terrorists” to use the known jargon — terminology which Qaddafi is, no doubt, using to describe those we’re attempting to protect…) from The Empire? Ought we to do the same over Israel, to protect the Palestinians? Over China, to protect the Tibetans? Over India and Pakistan to protect the Kashmiris?

Hell, if an armed rebellion should erupt in the US of A, would the second-amendment-advocates be calling for the UN to put up a “No-Fly Zone” here?

Alternatively, here’s a novel thought. How if we, first of all, mind our own fucking business (means get the fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and close up all overseas military bases), and second of all stop arming to the teeth the very regimes upon which we’re now unloading our mega-billions of dollars’ worth of materiel?

By the way, I’ve never, for even a half of one second, regretted having cast four (count ’em!) Presidential ballots for Ralph Nader. I mean, really, who wants to look back on his or her life and acknowledge having voted for whichever asshole motherfucker the Democrats happened to puke onto their teevee screen? Not me! (Full Disclosure: I did vote for fucking Michael Dukakis, and I do regret having done so. Felt sick to my stomach as soon as I’d done it, too.)

Anyhow, listening to Nader’s bravura performance appearing on Democracy Now last week, I’m happier still to have on four separate occasions voted for the man. Sumbitch is seventy-seven years old, and is still breathing fire like a magicus. Here’s hoping he’ll run again in ’12!

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