Organic Farming Explained

“What,” you’ve probably asked yourself dozens of times while goggling at the Farmers’ Markets’ vendors’ endless cornucopiae of newly-harvested deliciousness, “Just what makes the organic farmer tick? Through what manner of prestidigitation does he or she manage to coax such deliciousness from the bowels of the Earth? And without the use of fossil fuels, too!

“Why, to perform such feats of prestidigitorial shamanism, such a person must be equal part agronomist, botanist, toolsmith, meteorologist, soothsayer, workaholic…or what?”

Well, after five months on the farm, I’m happy to be able to reveal all of the secrets. To unlock the door to deliciousness, if you will. Here’s how it all works, in three easy steps:

  1. Eddie, meet “Hoe-Dad” (AKA Italian Grape Hoe):
  2. “Hoe-Dad”, meet weeds:
  3. Weeds, meet maker:

That’s it! That’s all you needs to know! You may now get out there and get crack-a-lackin’ on growing up some deliciousness of your own.

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2 Responses to Organic Farming Explained

  1. Mom says:

    Ed, now that you have the Hoe-Dad technique down please feel free to bring that nice Hoe-Dad to Montana and use your new found skills on the back forty. Love Mom
    PS. Tom says if need be we will buy a cow!

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