I like to visit Montana in early July because it’s usually dead-slow at work, and because that’s prime season for cloud- and sunset-watching, and thunderstorm-experiencing. (The family can attest to my bordering-upon-OCD fascination with cloud photography.) Also a good time to take in the majesty of Yellowstone Park.

And, of course, the last few years have had the bonus of the previously-blogged-about Folk Festival.

Alas, the cloud formations weren’t really happening this year (factually, they looked more like Seattle than Montana clouds — not that Seattle clouds suck, mind you; just that they aren’t quite in the same class as the Montana clouds). And there was only one, regrettably mild, thunderstorm (apparently the really happening storms went down just prior to my arrival this year). But the birdsong was especially magical this year.

And, clouds/storms or no, Montana is still like an entirely different world. They call it “Big Sky Country”; and when one is in Montana, one can see that it’s exactly that — even though unable to explain why it’s exactly that.

So, it’s never a good place to leave. On our last night, it did bust out with a nice sunset. A good note to leave on, if one absolutely needs must leave…

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  1. scruss says:

    I should introduce you to my friend Kelly – a meteorologist with the MSC – who is personally and professionally obsessed with clouds.

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