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Now, God Dammit, I Done A Music Posting

Been a helluva long time since I wrote up a batch of mini-reviews. But here we go, I’ve not completely fallen out of the loop. Cloud Cult, Unplug — “You’ll become a baby cumulus; fly up to the firmament” — … Continue reading

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Heritage Daze

Wanna know what makes George Town’s fucking obsession with motorcycles especially maddening? It’s that they aren’t even necessary: the city is small enough that it’s easily coverable by bicycle. It’s true a lot of people do get around via bicycle … Continue reading

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Fruit = God

Ed. Note: FYI, this posting has undergone extensive revision since initial publication — these largely taking the form of additional thoughts, information, and links; as well as a few updates in re consequences. Most recently revised 7/6/14. Well, I did … Continue reading

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