Penangnam Style


Who can show me a more stone-cold awesome print ad than this, I will send you a figurine.

2014-07-11 - 164023

I honestly don’t think it can be done; but shall endeavour to judge submissions with an open mind. Good luck!

Other groovy/funny/cool signs and street art and shit from around town is like so…

2014-07-02 - 123512

Can’t vouch for its being the largest, but I don’t doubt that it’s the costliest. Way too expensive for me to have a look-see. I swear there are at least three or four toy museums on the island – I keep seeing them from the bus; haven’t visited any of ’em.

2014-07-02 - 163956

Initially read this, out of the corner of my eye, as “Camping Zone”. It being located on a sidewalk adjacent one of the biggest malls in the city and one of the busiest streets, thought I’d better go back get a second look…

2014-07-02 - 165259

“Elvis is everywhere.” – Mojo Nixon

2014-07-03 - 160737

This is for a pretty nice temple over near the jetties – I love the artwork for the “Don’t Spit” rule:

2014-07-03 - 170600

2014-07-05 - 105718

You know you want some.

2014-07-05 - 150816

They started doing all these murals two years ago, and they’re immensely popular with tourists and locals alike. I’ve got a brochure that lists them all, along with their locations; but this one’s not in there. I think it’s probably my favourite one.

2014-07-11 - 174904

2014-07-13 - 122238

2014-07-13 - 122548

2014-07-13 - 132355

2014-07-15 - 174545

2014-07-15 - 174657

2014-07-16 - 134225

And for shits ‘n’ giggles, here’s another bit of footage taken — over on Jalan Penang of a Sunday morning — using diegetic audio. In this case, a radio blasting loud from a shoppe — too loud, as it turns out, for the camera’s mic to handle cleanly. It’s nevertheless pretty fun – though not close, in my opinion, to the lightning-in-a-bottle quality of the similar vids from the Chanthaburi Fest and the Chicken Eatery.

More to share, but it can be difficult to summon the time/energy required for blogging. This town is so interesting and the sun beats down so relentlessly and the Durian are so creamy that at the end of a day out exploring, your humble farang generally finds his dimpled ass totally zapped.

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