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US Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Syrian government forces of killing 1,429 people in a chemical weapons attack in Damascus last week. […]

The U.S. says its assessment is backed by accounts from medical personnel, witnesses, journalists, videos, and thousands of social media reports.

And Do these motherfuckers honestly think we’re so fucking stupid that we’ll fail to notice that these are the exact same lies the Bush Administration used to goad the public into supporting the bloodletting in Iraq? I mean, not just that they’re fundamentally the same — but that the actual verbiage is identical.

Uh, note to John Kerry: when I speculated, a few days ago, that you might be copying-and-pasting Colin Powell’s UN Speech into your own miserably pathetic bullshit telepromptings, that was intended as SATIRE, you fuckwit.

I guess there’s really nothing left, now; save for the 2016 Electorate to just take the plunge, write in Heller/Vonnegut, and be done with it.

Update, 9/1/13:

And now the fucking assholes have taken yet another page from the Bush Administration pre-Iraq handbook, working the phones, in advance of an authorisation vote, to drum up support for another bullshit motherfucking war. Yeah, but it’s different this time, see, because fucking Obama “doesn’t want” to go to war.


Bush has been working the phones to foreign leaders. Chinese President Jiang Zemin urged Bush to resolve the Iraqi crisis peacefully and to let inspections continue, China’s official Xinhua news agency said.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell met the foreign minister of Guinea, Francois Ousseynou Fall, and called top officials in Angola, Mexico and Pakistan.

And now…

President Barack Obama and his top aides launched a political charm offensive Sunday to persuade legislators to approve a military strike against Syria, a day after making the surprise announcement that while he intends to act, he would first seek a Congressional vote on a potential use of force.

Obama made calls to members of the House of Representatives and Senate, with more scheduled for Monday, while dozens of legislators met in the Capitol building for a Sunday afternoon intelligence briefing on Syria with Obama’s national security team.

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