Crazy German guy staying at the hostel these last two nights.

He had been en route from New Zealand to Frankfurt, but had his carry-on stolen while laying over in Bangkok — with it his passport, money, laptop, and whatnot. Took him five hours to get it sorted out with Customs and the German Embassy; but he has to wait until the work-week to be able to get a temporary passport and get his ticket replaced, and so on.

He somehow has a few hundred baht, didn’t quite catch how he got that, but that’s pretty much it. His checked luggage didn’t get stopped in time, so is now in Frankfurt.

Anyway, the guy never shuts up for more than half a second. Entertaining as Hell, though. I’ve heard his 9/11 conspiracy theory enough times for one visit (not to say I disagree with it; just that I don’t need to hear it anymore). Otherwise, he’s keeping me in stitches.

Funniest thing I heard him say to-day (concerning McDonald’s): “I prevented my daughter from eating that shit until she was twelve; but then I couldn’t control her anymore.”

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