Coming To A Ballot-Box Near Some

Piece in this week’s Stranger reporting that polls suggest a majority of Washingtonians of all demographics now support Gay Marriage. And so, it’ll be on the ballot in 2012. But the fucking fundamentalist nut-jobs are already planning to spend about a gazillion-and-a-half dolllars to deliver its defeat.

Just boggles the mind that this is even an issue. I mean, what year is this, 1400 AD?

Here’s an idea I’ve not seen floated: a constitutional amendment secularising the institution of marriage. Only marriages officiated by the state (goes without saying: all states will be required to allow same-sex marriages) will be recognised for benefit purposes. Alternatively, any church which refuses to perform same-sex marriage loses its fucking tax-exempt status.

Oh, wait: we have a fucking Republican-In-Sheep’s-Clothing in the White House. That shit’ll never fly. But it oughta fly in any society with half a ounce of sense.

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