And It’s A Road-Trip

Well, I left the farm to-day, having lived and worked there since the 28th of July.

I’ll miss the awesome people; I’ll miss the awesome fruit; I’ll miss the awesome sunrises and ocean views; I’ll miss the awesome weather (love that tropical breeze!); I’ll miss the birds’ sublime Dawn Chorus; I’ll miss the chess. But, most of all, I’ll miss Suzy.

Go ahead and try not to love her. Now, Ellie, a bit of a different story (though she’s not entirely without her charms…).

I’ve rented a car to goof off with for the next week, before I fly home for Heidi’s wedding. Uh, wait…what am I saying? Friggin’ Seattle ain’t my home no more. Hawaii is the place for me!

Since my arrival here, I’ve been told by a million-and-one people that before I depart, I needs must pay visit to the Waipio Valley. Waipio is one of the Big Island’s most sacred and historical sites. According to the guidebook, it’s “as beautiful a place as you will ever see.”

Having now visited, I would say that while it’s not quite as beautiful as the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, it’s as beautiful as any other place I’ve ever seen. And perhaps the most magical. Can’t say exactly why — and certainly the pix won’t convey its qualities — so will just tell you what everyone’s been telling me: you must experience this place.

Not easily done, however, when you’re a tightwad like meself. Only four-wheel-drive vehicles are allowed; and not willing to pay for a tour, I opted to hike in and out. Lemme tell you, homeboy is not currently in good hiking shape. (Well, granted, I threw much of the valley’s opposite cliff into the agenda. And not to mention that, according to the Wikipedia, “If classified as a road,” the access road “would be the steepest road of its length in the United States and possibly the world.” But for someone who once regularly pounded the similarly difficult Section Line Trail in the Issaquah Alps’ Tiger Mountain, it was something of a reality check. Sore muscles will surely ensue!)

It was too worth the effort. Before looking at the photos (more, eventually, to the Flickr page, natch), please to remember: photography cannot do Hawaii justice.

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