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KTM For The Win

Chiang Mai: Lychee capital (so far as I’m aware) of the Universe. Unfortunately, Monsoon is late in arriving, and so it’s unspeakably hot right now. Hotter even that it was in Bangkok. (At time of writing – about 2:00 in … Continue reading

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Things To Do In Pokhara When You’re Alive

Fucking twisted my knee – I know not how. It’s not too bad; but it’s bad enough to keep me out of the Bangkok maelstrom. Just, instead, enjoying the scene at De Talak, and pigging out on Watermelons, Mangoes, and … Continue reading

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Back To The Streets

Much more to say about Kathmandu and Pokhara. So much more, that it may well be impossible to get to it all. For starters, though, Kathmandu is loaded with great Street Art. Here’s a little appreciation compiled from my Kathmandu … Continue reading

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Trekking Report, Pt. 6

You fly into Thailand thinking the thirty-day visa-free entry should be plenty to keep you occupied. Then you begin looking at the map, of all the interesting places here you’ve never yet visited – not to mention the cool places … Continue reading

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Trekking Report, Pt. 5

Australian hostel-mate, when asked if he’d got any tunes on him, lamented that his player had been stolen by Monkeys – along with his hard drive. And I thought: Monkeys Stole My Hard Drive would make a great album name. … Continue reading

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