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Oh, Hey, How’s Your Diet Going, Mang?

Yeah, it’s…well, first off, thanks for asking. Yeah, it’s…it could be better. I did manage to suffer through Tuesday without Durian. So I figured, every-other day would still get me slimmed down, yes? Yes, so I et one yesterday, Wednesday. … Continue reading

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I Will Have To Slim Down

Bad news: Chanthaburi World Durian Festival 2012 is at its end. Good news: I can now feel free to moderate my Durian consumption; and hopefully lose this frickin’ gut I got on me! Uh, by the way, Buddha’s big round … Continue reading

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Durianism: The Dark Side

Well I cannot seem to hold on to a fucking thought This whirlwind’s got me and I’m racing out the door It’s nice for a while, but when I try to focus All of my convictions come crashing down around … Continue reading

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World Of Durian

You’re a monk of a certain age. You’ve attained a level of respect. You’re entitled to travel in style, you’re… The weather here in Chanthaburi can’t seem to make up its mind. Partly sunny, mostly cloudy, spitting rain, torrential downpour: … Continue reading

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How Much Can One Man Eat?

World Durian Festival 2012 off to a rousing start, as my billfold is already several ounces lighter than it so recently had been. Tonight’s Bill Of Fare:

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