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World Of Durian

You’re a monk of a certain age. You’ve attained a level of respect. You’re entitled to travel in style, you’re… The weather here in Chanthaburi can’t seem to make up its mind. Partly sunny, mostly cloudy, spitting rain, torrential downpour: … Continue reading

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Wave Of Mutilation

I am just fucking Bangkok’s Longan (they call ’em “Lum Yai”) supply up. If you see on the teevee show that the city is experiencing a shortage, you’ll know why. Some vendors at a market, after making fun of my … Continue reading

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Dazed And Amused

Another day spent boggling at the immensity of it all. Busted a move up to Chatuchak Weekend market; it is, I suppose, the largest flea-market in the known universe. Unlike the street-vendor scene, though, it’s very well organised: “There are … Continue reading

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This Could Get Messy

Just purchased thirty pounds’ worth of tomatoes from the Farmers’ market; and have got ’em all lined up on a shelf under which I sleep. So if we have a earthquake, it’s gonna be bombs away! I will notify you … Continue reading

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I Hereby Devote My Life To Corn

And that ain’t no lie. I’d never et corn in the raw until a fellow raw-foodist in Hawaii showed me the light. Unfortunately, there was only one good place in Hilo at which to procure the high-quality corn — and … Continue reading

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