Inspired by the Vagabonding Vegan (who now has a new hangout), I’ve decided to undertake, before the shit hits the fan (though a slow leak may end up being a better metaphor — but either way, trans-oceanic jetting won’t be an option for too much longer), some travels. Hopefully these will include an extended stay in Southeast Asia, during which I will endeavour to, as frequently as is possible, eat Durian until my ass falls off.

The blog is for family and friends to keep track of my whereabouts; but others are welcome to read along, too, yo. Note that many, many more pictures (and in larger sizes) will be posted to my Flickr page.

For those who may be curious, I’ve also got a homepage (no longer being updated).  I also, once upon a time, maintained another blog, on another topic. Its archives are online — and I’m afraid that I cannot guarantee that that other topic shan’t, as well, from time to time find its way into this blog’s archives (so to say).

[travelmap-map height=400]


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  1. Roberta says:

    Nice to see Capitalism Fuck Off Now back online. Rock on…

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