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Fun With Sentences

I guess you’re familiar with the famous grammatically correct sentence… Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. If not, you could read up on it via its Wikipedia entry. Basically it translates that various buffalo [the animal] from Buffalo … Continue reading

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#1 Best Holy Day?

I’m a fan of each of Xmas, Thanksgiving, and Superbowl Sunday. Christmas definitely has the best music. Last night, went, for specifically that reason, with my sister to the Christmas Eve service at St. Mark’s cathedral. Ended up getting all … Continue reading

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Dear Barack Obama: Please Go Fuck Yourself Already

I didn’t vote for the motherfucker. I found the motherfucker’s pre-election Hope-hype transparently bullshittable. I cackled long and loud when the motherfucker won the Nobel Peace Prize.  I’ve argued a million-and-one times that the policies of the motherfucker’s administration have … Continue reading

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