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Mini-Reviews For All Of Youse

Check the sell-by date — most of these are actually from Malaysia, ’cause in Thailand it’s all one can do to hold on for dear life at the overwhelming Thai-ness of it all. Not much time to dig in to … Continue reading

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Now, God Dammit, I Done A Music Posting

Been a helluva long time since I wrote up a batch of mini-reviews. But here we go, I’ve not completely fallen out of the loop. Cloud Cult, Unplug — “You’ll become a baby cumulus; fly up to the firmament” — … Continue reading

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That Band Jumped Out The Window

[dc]W[/dc]hat would happen if Cloud Cult – the band responsible for two of this young decade’s to-date five best albums (one blogger’s opinion, to be taken or left as the reader sees fit); and whose live shows have been steadily … Continue reading

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Up On Old Butte Hill

[dc]E[/dc]very time I roll into Butte, Mark Ross’ eponymous 1992 long-player – one of the finer Agit-Folk albums upon which you’ll ever lay your ears – lodges itself into my noggin’; and there it remains ensconced for the duration of … Continue reading

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The More They Stay The Same

You know those shows where, about half-way through the openers’ set, one finds oneself thinking, “Well, I sure hope ABC Headliner has brought its A-game; else they’s gonna get laughed off the stage!” …And then ABC Headliner comes out and … Continue reading

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