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Fruit Report: White Pineapple

Imagine, if you dare, a pineapple that’s the most delicious, most succulent, most perfect pineapple in God’s green Earth. Now, imagine that this same pineapple doesn’t cut your mouth all up into fucking shreds. You could only imagine such a … Continue reading

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Separate Ways

Our last day on Oahu. After getting ready to leave, I gobbled down the last of the stash of super-delicious island-grown watermelons. Soon enough, we made the final drive from the North Shore to Honolulu. Our separate flights — the … Continue reading

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Winding Down

To begin our last full day on Oahu, my mom and I got up for an early hike in the Palis across the street from our rental while the rest of the family slept their lazy asses in bed. In … Continue reading

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Next to The Spitting Cave, the Ka’ena point hike was my second-favourite feature of Oahu. While the rest of the family spent the day (the last for the Oregon contingent) snorkeling the North Shore, I went in for this somewhat … Continue reading

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The Coolest Sight On Oahu?

One could do a helluva lot worse than The Spitting Cave! At any rate, it was the coolest sight that I did see. We had set out for the snorklers’ paradise of Hanuama Bay, whose parking lot was full before … Continue reading

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