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Back in Vientiane, tired but fine. Yesterday morning, Sunday, woke up bright and early and hoofed it down to the Kanchanaburi bus terminal. The ride in to Bangkok was about 15 Baht cheaper than had been the ride out, and … Continue reading

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Over The River

All right, so, the deal with travel in Thailand is that while the buses are more convenient, faster, and much more comfortable; the train is insanely cheap (at least when traveling third-class). For some reason, however, the train fare to … Continue reading

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Durian Day Afternoon

Here are some pictures of the Durian hijinks from earlier this week; taken by Rata’s cousin, and posted to the De Talak Facebook page. That’s Lee, the Finnish Chinaman. Shortly after, he got to horsing around a little too much, … Continue reading

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Many Temples Were Visited, Many Durian Were Eaten

Yesterday, Tuesday, rose and shone nice and early to avoid the heat…and ended up being so enthralled by the day’s Temples that I kept on keeping on right through the hottest part of the day. Bad enough. Worse still, I … Continue reading

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Durian Rock City

Well, what need of cookoven whene’er the Sun is set to “exerminate”? None, I’ll wager. Speaking of meat, didja know one can order a Double Big-Mac here? Nor did I, ‘til I caught sight of a brochure sitting e’er so … Continue reading

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