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Keralan Kapers

From where I’m sitting, northern India is about ten million times more interesting, entertaining, mind-blowing, and electrifying than is Kerala. There’s just nothing to match the all-out cultural and sensorial onslaught of the north, and certainly none of the larger-than-life/beggar-the-imagination … Continue reading

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Penang Digest

[dc]F[/dc]or anybody who likes to read the blog, but prefers not to follow the timeline, here’s how it went down in Penang this year. The three fortnights were dominated by the following obsessions. The text is just copied from the … Continue reading

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Here’s My Hymn To You All

Merry Xmas, one and all! I’ve actually got two presents for you on this fine morning. Firstly, my favourite album of holiday songs (as opposed to Christmas Carols): Strange Communion, by Thea Gilmore. I highly recommend all of Thea’s work, … Continue reading

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A Day At The “Sugar Mills”

On our day off to-day, coupla my co-farmers and myself schlepped it (about a one hour walk from the farm) to the “Sugar Mills” beach — so-named because there are a bunch of dilapidated Sugar Cane processing facilities thereabouts (kind … Continue reading

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A Day At The “Gas Chambers”

After spending our first full day on the island making the obligatory hike up to the Diamond Head crater (summary: good view! hot day!)… …we opted, on the next day, for some good old-fashioned body surfing. What could be finer? … Continue reading

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