Here’s My Hymn To You All

Merry Xmas, one and all! I’ve actually got two presents for you on this fine morning.

Firstly, my favourite album of holiday songs (as opposed to Christmas Carols): Strange Communion, by Thea Gilmore. I highly recommend all of Thea’s work, but this is, oddly enough, my favourite of hers of period. In fact, I not only listen to it year-round, but it ranks among my top albums of the ’00s. Please to click it here.

Secondly, we have a short video clip of big waves in Hilo Bay, circa December the 8th of Two Thousand and Ten. Enjoy!

Hilo Bay Waves

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  1. Anita says:

    It’s always a joy readig your entries Eddie. I’m thankful for your updates in your time over seas…..
    You’ve been on my mind & I figured I swhould let you know that your Big sister is thinking of you & wishing you the very best. Hope your New Year comes with great things.

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