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Gone Trekkin’

Heading tomorrow for Pokhara to begin the Annapurna Circuit. I gather that there may be some fruit available for the first few days of the route, but after, nada. There will, apparently, be plenty of spinach available; so will attempt … Continue reading

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Himalayan Hijinks

Just a brief report to-day. This place is fucking crazy! But in all the best ways. The wackily manic street scenes can get a little bit overwhelming, it’s true; but they’re so fascinating that it’s difficult to pry oneself away … Continue reading

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“…They Pull Me Back In.”

Namaste, goddammit. On first impression, Kathmandu feels like a mashup of other Asian cities I’ve visited. The impossibility of matching maps with street signs is reminiscent of Bangkok’s Chinatown. Not even sure I’ve seen a street sign here, to be … Continue reading

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