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Sai Times

Ed. note: Looks as though the Internet situation here in Chanthaburi will be very not good. So, the footages I’d intended to share with this post will have to be delayed to a later time. Please thus ignore, or place … Continue reading

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Crazy From The Heat

Part I: Welcome To The Jungle [dc]T[/dc]he road from Chiang Mai to Pai, boasting 672 curves, was the most quease-inducing ride since the Luang Prabang to Phonsavanh bus. Thankfully, it was only half as long as that one. I must … Continue reading

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Okay, the Mangoes up here are just un-fucking-fathomably delicious. Oh, lemme rephrase that. They’re just UN-FUCKING-FATHOMABLY delicious. To try to give an idea what they’re like: you know how, when you’re eating a Mango, and you let the juice run … Continue reading

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Penultimate day in Nepal, I got my dimpled ass out of bed early, and made the one-hour walk to the Monkey Temple. At the bottom, a pretty good street band, rakin’ in the cash. The temple itself is at the … Continue reading

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Templemania, KTM Division

In case you missed ‘em: Brilliant new post, “Scorecard”, from Steve Ludlum at Economic Undertow. Also a very good recent podcast with Steve, in which he lays in, but good, to the folly of the “Waste-Based Economy”. Guy McPherson interviewed … Continue reading

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