A Day At The “Gas Chambers”

After spending our first full day on the island making the obligatory hike up to the Diamond Head crater (summary: good view! hot day!)…

2010-07-18 - 121857

…we opted, on the next day, for some good old-fashioned body surfing. What could be finer?

We found a parking spot at the a beach called (though we knew not then) the Gas Chambers – just two beaches down from the Banzai beach, of Banzai Pipeline fame. Though the North Shore’s truly gigantic waves are reserved for Winter, we all (having previously experienced only California’s comparatively puny surf) had all we could handle with the Chambers’ Summer offerings:

2010-07-19 - 150812

2010-07-19 - 150825

2010-07-19 - 152232

Looks like fun! And so it was…but the fun was not without its costs. We returned bruised, battered, and sore – though, thankfully enough, not broken (at least, not in the physical sense o’ the word).

One last pic. That’s my older sister in there…

2010-07-19 - 150943

…and, yes, she lived to tell.

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  1. troy lasby says:

    wow your sister looks just like i remember…was her hair always that wavy?waa waa waa!

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