A Day At The “Sugar Mills”

On our day off to-day, coupla my co-farmers and myself schlepped it (about a one hour walk from the farm) to the “Sugar Mills” beach — so-named because there are a bunch of dilapidated Sugar Cane processing facilities thereabouts (kind of like Gas Works Park, yo).

The surf was pounding like a mofo on this fine Sunday, and so the surfers were out in droves. Fricking intense to even watch people surfing in this calibre of water, especially so in this location, as one mistake (or so it seemed to mine admittedly untrained eyes) would land the surfer smack into the nearby rocky cliff-face.

Unlike the sandy shore at the “Gas Chambers”, this beach boasts a quite rocky shoreline. Beautiful to look at, but there would be no body-surfing attempts from yours truly. My reluctance was not shared, be it noted, by the many 10-15-year-old kids who were dare-deviling it up on their body-boards.

Interestingly, dare-devilrous though they were, the kids never failed to genuflect before making their runs at the water.

Another fun feature of the beach is the fresh-water swimming-hole, courtesy of a river emptying here into the sea. So: salt-water or fresh, take your pick!

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