Durian Day Afternoon

Here are some pictures of the Durian hijinks from earlier this week; taken by Rata’s cousin, and posted to the De Talak Facebook page.

That’s Lee, the Finnish Chinaman. Shortly after, he got to horsing around a little too much, and ended up injuring himself slightly. Moral of the story: play with matches, you may get burnt.

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2 Responses to Durian Day Afternoon

  1. jay qureshi says:

    eddie iwas reading yur blog therte wa a line says horing around whats that mean by the way beautifual city

  2. S S T says:

    The glass bottles glued to the top of the wall?
    That just happens to be the most useful and beautiful David Chihully project ever.

    That mysterious locomotive is adorned with an early traincar.
    You’re welcome!

    The third picture of you eatin’ durian?
    Chew the damned stuff before trying to swallow it.

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