Winding Down

To begin our last full day on Oahu, my mom and I got up for an early hike in the Palis across the street from our rental while the rest of the family slept their lazy asses in bed. In fact, we got up a bit too early: the gate to the trailhead was still closed when we arrived, so we had to chill out for a little while before beginning the hike.

’twas a fun little couple of miles, nice and steep-like. We narrowly avoided getting soaking-assed wet when a heavy downpour appeared half-way into the hike. We know we were half-way, ’cause we were able to take cover in picnic area strategically placed at the turn-around point (apparently, the skies only open up when hikers are nearing this point…).

We were awarded for our troubles with some utterly stunning views  — are there any other classes of view in the islands?

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