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In The Quad

Jamaican Dude [noticing my thoroughly devoured Watermelon]: What’s up, mon? Me: Oh, not much, not much. Jamaican Dude: Workin’ up the fruit, ya? Me: You’d better believe it! Jamaican Dude: Ha ha ha ha!

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Watermelon Update Y’all!

And to-day, this happened. Had purchased two watermelons: one for the backpack, and one for the workout. Performing Watermelon Workout while walking down the Ave., a girl (wearing a coat on an eighty-degrees-out day — green coat, too; she wasn’t … Continue reading

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Look At ’em All (Yeah, Look At ’em All)!

The farm in Kalapana has many Rollinia trees; as is apparent here, they’re just going off right now. This is, in fact, the second box of this size harvested this week –and plus there was another, slightly smaller, late last … Continue reading

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This is actually a dangerous fruit. We actually heard of someone being killed by a durian. This guy got into an argument and he threw a durian at a man! The man died! Crazy shit. Moral of the story? Criticise … Continue reading

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Newz From The Farm

Well, apologies for the dearth of posting activity hereabouts, lately. Partly, it’s ’cause I’m a lazy sod. Partly, it’s ’cause I’ve been growing increasingly distraught over developments in Japan and in the Middle East. Partly, it’s ’cause I’ve been writing … Continue reading

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