Wave Of Mutilation

I am just fucking Bangkok’s Longan (they call ’em “Lum Yai”) supply up. If you see on the teevee show that the city is experiencing a shortage, you’ll know why.

Some vendors at a market, after making fun of my bare feet, tried to sell me some Rambutans. I told them to bring me to the Lychees, or to quit wasting my time. Dammit, why is Lychee season so brief (it’s the same thing in Hawaii)? Is this some sort of divine torture?

In other fruit news, I’ve changed my mind about the citrus here — at least the Satsumas. They’re delicious (there are vendors selling their juice, too — freshly squeezed — on pretty much every corner), and not terribly expensive.

I think Durian season may be coming ’round sooner than later. I’ve now seen street vendors selling it in two different areas of the city in the last three days. Still a bit on the pricy side, but I may have to break down and get me some before the season proper arrives.

Raw corn doesn’t really work here. So, I did break down and eat some cooked corn on the cob; not as many corn vendors as juice, but still quite a lot. They’ve yellow, white, purple, and a kind of purple/white mix — steamed or grilled, depending upon the vendor. The yellow are sweet, but the others are starchy. Either way, rather good indeed.

So there you have it: I didn’t come all the way to Thailand only to utterly fail to indulge any of its famous culinary offerings.

Coconuts are just priced so nicely that’s it’s difficult to stop drinking them! They don’t have the effervescence of the Hawaiian coconut, but they’re damned delicious all the same.

As previously noted, you don’t see many street musicians here; but those that you do see put a for-reals whipping right on the llama’s ass! Check this guy out.

Which, first of all, he’s fucking awesome. Ought to have taken more footage of him, ’cause he just about knocked this song so far onto its ass that friggin’ Humpty Dumpty would be all like, “What the FUCK just happened to this song’s ass?”

Second of all, neglected to mention this the other night. The pre-event music at the fights included a compilation (whether official or not, I couldn’t say) of Scorpions ballads. Made me wanna break out some Scorps rekkids and give ’em a spin. But then, this guy happened.

Don’t know about you, but I consider one occurrence to be random statistical noise. While, two? That’s a damned hysteria. Right here on the streets of Bangkok is Scorpions hysteria, and that ain’t no joke.

Well, I guess that ol’ “may you live in interesting times” thing is happening right before our very eyes.

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