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He’s The Cult Of Personality

Presenting, ladies and gentlemen, His Majesty. His image is everywhere you turn — land, sea, or sky. Considering the many different scenarios displayed along with the opulence of the presentations, one may liken the phenomenon to Big Brother crossed with … Continue reading

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Christmas At The Zoo

Walkin’ to the zoo from the skytrain, some field-tripping kids were most enthusiastically willing to pose for the camera. Thought they might also be headed for the zoo, but then their bus turned down the wrong road. Walk into the … Continue reading

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The Black Crow’s Nose

Buried deep in this-here watermelon remainder. Lovin’ it! But then, who doesn’t love watermelon? Meanwhile, here’s some better footage of the nightly Lumphini aerobics sessions. Check that crazy old white fucker gettin’ down. Sumbitch isn’t careful, he’s gonna wind up … Continue reading

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The Feeding Of The Twelve Million

That’s the current population of Bangkok; I suppose this does not include tourists. Interesting to see not only the breadth of choices, but the sheer magnitude of these street-level operations. [portfolio_slideshow]   Here’s the scene of a Tuesday morning in … Continue reading

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Grazing On A Sunday Afternoon

Asked one of the hosteliers whether Bangkok is a fun city to be in during Chinese New Year. The ridiculously obvious nature of the query, it was immediately clear to me, shocked the faculties right on out of her; so … Continue reading

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