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The Gift Of Sound And Vision

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for spectacle. But the Chinese New Year festivities in Bangkok were a staggering two-day sensory overload of such immensity as to leave me wondering whether there may not be anything the man-made world … Continue reading

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Crazy German guy staying at the hostel these last two nights. He had been en route from New Zealand to Frankfurt, but had his carry-on stolen while laying over in Bangkok — with it his passport, money, laptop, and whatnot. … Continue reading

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Wave Of Mutilation

I am just fucking Bangkok’s Longan (they call ’em “Lum Yai”) supply up. If you see on the teevee show that the city is experiencing a shortage, you’ll know why. Some vendors at a market, after making fun of my … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night’s All Right (For Fighting)

Muay Thai Boxing is the big-time sport here. Basically, it’s anything goes (the Thais’ favourite manoeuvre seems to be the well-aimed knee to the opponent’s ass) — excepting that they don’t brawl it out on the ground, like the UFC … Continue reading

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Any Fool Knows A Dog Needs A Home

But there are either 120,000 or 300,000 (depending upon which paragraph in their Wikipedia entry you believe) stray dogs in Bangkok. Some are apparently rather nasty, but all the ones I’ve seen look happier than all Hell. They often simply … Continue reading

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