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Egypt Digest: Sand & Sea

Here’s another digest of items originally sent to thee timeline. As before, hyperlinks point to the post in question, where one may find the full bevy of pics from which these-here have been sampled. For the pic-lookin’ enchilada entire, the … Continue reading

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Trekking Report, Pt. 5

Australian hostel-mate, when asked if he’d got any tunes on him, lamented that his player had been stolen by Monkeys – along with his hard drive. And I thought: Monkeys Stole My Hard Drive would make a great album name. … Continue reading

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Dazed And Amused

Another day spent boggling at the immensity of it all. Busted a move up to Chatuchak Weekend market; it is, I suppose, the largest flea-market in the known universe. Unlike the street-vendor scene, though, it’s very well organised: “There are … Continue reading

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Boots And Buttockses

Yep, it’s true. As the title implies, the Big Island of Hawaii has kicked my dimpled ass yet again. The day began with a drive up to the Koloko Cloud Forest, 5,000 feet above Kona. As per usual, the vegetation … Continue reading

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Shoots, Brah!

Aloha, friends! In the three days since last we spoke, I’ve been electrified by a bolt of lightning called “The Big Island of Hawaii”. Yowza, this island is un-freakin’-stoppable. Here’s how it went down. On Wednesday morning, I patronised, for … Continue reading

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