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World Of Durian

You’re a monk of a certain age. You’ve attained a level of respect. You’re entitled to travel in style, you’re… The weather here in Chanthaburi can’t seem to make up its mind. Partly sunny, mostly cloudy, spitting rain, torrential downpour: … Continue reading

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How Much Can One Man Eat?

World Durian Festival 2012 off to a rousing start, as my billfold is already several ounces lighter than it so recently had been. Tonight’s Bill Of Fare:

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Now, That Hit The Fucking Spot!

Just finished off four small Durian; you gotta know: Durianless since Sunday, I was, previous to having done, one unhappy camper. I did share ’em out with the De Talak peeps; so it weren’t quite the gluttonous outburst as it … Continue reading

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Durian Day Afternoon

Here are some pictures of the Durian hijinks from earlier this week; taken by Rata’s cousin, and posted to the De Talak Facebook page. That’s Lee, the Finnish Chinaman. Shortly after, he got to horsing around a little too much, … Continue reading

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Durian Rock City

Well, what need of cookoven whene’er the Sun is set to “exerminate”? None, I’ll wager. Speaking of meat, didja know one can order a Double Big-Mac here? Nor did I, ‘til I caught sight of a brochure sitting e’er so … Continue reading

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