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Where The Party Never Ends

[Written Wednesday, March The 7th, Night] Tuesday was Night number two of  the big festival. Went truckin’ on down to check it out, hoping at the least to get in on some hot Takraw action. The first order of business … Continue reading

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Down The Buddha Hole

Sala Kaew Ku, AKA “Buddha Park”; is bizarre, insane, a little bit frightening, and just plain fucked-up awesome. It’s considered Nong Khai’s primary tourist attraction; but what I wanna know is why it’s not considered one of the must-see destinations … Continue reading

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The Obama Regime

You gotta give ’em points for chutzpah. The U.S. government is legally justified in killing its own citizens overseas if they are involved in plotting terror attacks against America, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday, offering the Obama administration’s most … Continue reading

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Much Ado About The Same Same

[Written Monday, March The 5th, Night] Ooh, I see that after it’d for all the World looked like they’d got to settle for a share of the Pac-10 crown, the Huskies have slipped in the back entrance for their second … Continue reading

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Gods Of Thunder

Happy Robyn Hitchcock’s birthday! Got my lazy ass up at 6:00 in the AM, for the half-hour walk up to the bus station. The worst part was having to put on shoes and walk around in them, which of course … Continue reading

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